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Our Service

We are specializing in supplying full range equipment used in oil cleaning systems, coolant cleaning systems, paper filter.

  • Doing Oil Cleaning Service through on-line machine tank system or drum. Our system can be utilized to clean almost all industrial oil such as: Hydraulic oil, Compressor oil, Transmission oil, Turbine oil, Cutting oil, Transformer oil, Water glycol and Gear oil.
  • Doing Coolant Cleaning Service for machining, cutting, grinding, lathe and wire drawing industry.
  • Selling Oil Cleaning System and Coolant Cleaning Machine.
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Benefits of Klarol® Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Systems

Reduces purchase new oil cost up to 90%.
Reduces sticking of proportional valves.
Prevents machine downtime due to hydraulic oil contamination.
Extends life of in-line machine filters.
Reduces wear of seals and pump.
Prevents corrosion of components.
Helps to maintain all properties of hydraulic oils.
Increases life of hydraulic oils.
Removes contaminant particles down to less than 0.25 microns.
Removes water content from oil down to less than 100ppm.
No machine downtime as oil is cleaned continuously while machine is in operation.
Reduce pollution.
Economical to use and can provide quick return on investment.

KLAROL® — How does it super-clean oil

Klarol cleans oil in two stages using three different methods. In the first stage oil under pressure is cleaned by Depth Filtration and Adsorbtion in Klarol's replaceable filter cartridge. A l l solid contaminants like metals, carbon, dust, sludge, varnish are removed effectively from the oil. Field studies have confirmed that particles even down to less than a micron can be trapped in the Klarol filter cartridge. It is possible to achieve a cleanliness level of NAS 4 i f oil is cleaned by Klarol.

In the second stage, the oil at the end of the first stage is made to pass (by controlling its flow rate) in form of a thin film through a uniquely designed Klarol evaporation chamber. The Klarol evaporation chamber is heated to create a dry airspace where water, air, gases and lower oxidized molecules of oil are evaporated and vented out without heating.


Suitable Application
Klarol Oil Cleaning Systems can be utilized to clean almost all industrial oil such as:

Hydraulic Oil Gear Oil Compressor Oil Transmission Oil
Turbine Oil Honing Oil Cutting Oil Water Glycol
Synthetic Oil Transformer Oil        

KLAROL Oil Cleaning Systems successfully working in the following sectors:
Injection Moulding Blow Moulding Stamping Tiles Industry
Textile Industry Rubber Industry Steel Manufacturer Paper Industry
Oil Palm Factory Die Casting Industry Extrusion Industry Precision Industry
Turning and Cutting Industry            

Our Esteemed Customer:

The performance of Klarol oil cleaning systems has made it very successful. Today we cater to clients from many industries. We have gained accolades and appreciation along with repeated orders from various clients. We enjoy the good will of various clients like:

Yi-Lai Industry Berhad, Kian Joo Can Factory, Kian Joo Packaging Sdn. Bhd, Brillion (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Teck See Plastic Sdn. Bhd., MK Electric (M) Sdn. Bhd., Antara Steel Mills Sdn. Bhd., Bahru Stainless Sdn. Bhd., Chang Huat Plastic Industries Sdn. Bhd., Tylon (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Kee Fatt Industries Sdn. Bhd., Avaplas Sdn. Bhd.,Ingress Corporation Berhad, INNOVALUES Precision Sdn. Bhd ……